Friday, August 01, 2003

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The Nature of Humility.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

The List

Two records, both alike in gravity,
Which call upon the views of adherence,
From ancient thoughts, to modern scrutiny,
Where people sway in constant ignorance.
First of which looms upon the daily norms,
Yet these are thoughts which man will never brew,
For these are wars that rage as mighty storms,
Often men blink to stand as it is due.
The second stems from a desired love,
That will know of the fault, as well the boon,
Common problems and solutions thereof,
Discussed prior the plans of honeymoon.
The two lists have become the same and one,
And the topics thought dismissed will be none.

This list was originally two separate lists, but these have now been combined into one.
The first list was a list of topics that people should have opinions on, or have at least thought about, researched, and considered. This is needed so that a person may be informed and semi-educated on a topic if it is mentioned in a conversation. This does not mean an opinion on a matter must be reached immediately. It is meant to encourage thought of an issue before forming an opinion on it. However, once an opinion is reached it does not make it final. Often ideas and concepts which a single person has not considered may be brought into view by other people. Be sure to think about these ideas and concepts before you adhere to them. What you believe may be wrong or right, but make sure you know why you believe what you do. Always be willing to change when you are wrong, but know why you are changing.
The second list contained topics and questions one should ask their future spouse. Or if you are already married, these are things you may want to ask him or her. This list has the tendency to be more light-hearted, yet has a wide range of view points and opinions that invoke deep emotions formed on traditions that have been inattentively passed down for generations.
The lists were combined because they both dealt with the idea of knowing what you believed and felt. Both had topics which should be researched and thought about before opinions are made or changed.
However, this list is not complete and needs to be added to constantly. Anything goes here, controversial or trivial, serious or capering, skeletons must be removed from the closet if you ever want to store anything useful inside. In light of this, know that very few topics have been turned away, so if you are offended by anything on here, then think about the topic and tell me what you think and why you think that way.
This list will never be complete; issues to think about arise everyday. If you know of an issue that is not on this list and you think it should be tell me and it will be added. Also, if there is a topic here that you need defined try to find it on the internet or at a library, or if all else fails, just ask and I will put it into different terms.

Consequentialism vs. Non-Consequentialism. (Current meaning)
Consequentialism vs. Non-Consequentialism. (Original meaning)
Communalism vs. Individualism.
What role should a husband play in a marriage?
What role should a wife play in a marriage?
What are the roles of men in society?
What are the roles of women in society?
Creation vs. Evolution.
Old earth creation vs. new earth creation.
Kids, general thoughts about them.
Kids, how many, boys or girls?
Dreams, ideal life, and things you want to accomplish.
Church preferences, denomination, when selecting a church, what do you look for?
Nature of love.
Divorce, is it an option?
Bread winner of the family, who should have jobs in the family and when?
Do you want to live international at some point, if so, when?
Active environmentalist vs. environmental activist.
Protest and demonstrations in general, good/bad?
View of God.
Views on Abortion.
Calvinism vs. Arminianism.
Methods of baptism.
Nature of truth.
Views of chastity.
Catholicism vs. Protestantism (original meaning).
Catholicism vs. Protestantism (modern meaning).
Mary’s virginity.
Worship methods.
Views on authority.
Concepts of respect.
Books, general thoughts, which ones have you read/plan to read?
Do you plan to read to your kids?
What kinds of books do you plan on reading to your kids? (Hop on pop or Plato’s republic?)
The nature of movies, good/bad, conversed against books.
Movie ratings, where do stand on what should be seen and what shouldn’t.
Movies, which ones do you think are good/bad, why?
TV, good/bad?
Republican vs. democrat.
Civil rights
Woman’s suffrage. (EDIT: Wenches' sufferage)
Authoritarianism vs. libertarianism.
Importance of politics.
1st amendment rights.
2nd amendment rights.
Nature of civil war.
Slavery, was it coming to an end?
Slavery in general.
Israel’s reconstruction.
Nature of language.
Rhetorical responsibility.
Rhetoric (original meaning)
Rhetoric (modern meaning)
Pessimism vs. optimism.
Nature of man.
Pornography. (General thoughts and should it be in marriages? Who does it affect?)
Women in the ministry.
Eternal faith vs. losable faith.
Is Christianity freedom or legalism?
Nature of freedom. Do we have it or have we lost it.
Fate vs. choice.
Nature of choice.
Federalism vs. separatism.
What do you call it, pop, soda, cola, coke, soft drink?
Nature of work.
Work ethics.
Reason for working.
Nature of communication.
Love of money, what does it really mean.
Planning, when is it good/bad? How should it be done?
Nature of power.
Does power corrupt?
How does man fit into the ministry, who should go into the ministry?
Given the chance to rebuild a society form scratch, list all details
Negativism vs. happy people (happy people being those that choose to ignore problems in life, negativist being those that look for the problems)
Appearance vs. reality.
The ticket to the future is always blank.
Is it possible to be greater than your surroundings?
Does attitude make a difference?
Escorts, should women be escorted around, how should an escort behave? Why have escorts?
Legalized marijuana.
Legalized prostitution.
At 18 you can be tried as an adult, but you are not given all the privileges of an adult.
Abraham had lots of wives.
Business ethics.
Parent’s role in raising kids.
Teacher’s role in raising kids.
Daycare vs. momma vs. daddy.
Everything in moderation, even moderation?
Wants vs. needs.
Death penalty.
Judges, who has the right to judge people?
Juries, who should be admitted to be a juror?
Types of leaders.
Theory/nature of leadership.
Bible study.
Culture Christianity vs. Christians in culture.
Family values.
Nature of morality.
Goals, goal-setting.
Relationship with God.
View of religion.
Feminism. Why does it exist?
Education, private, public, home school.
Theory of education.
Nature of technology.
Insurance vs. trusting God.
View of vacation.
Ideal vacation.
Credit vs. dept.
Teenage freedom.
House plans/style.
Living conditions. Messy, clean…
Social status. Wealthy, poor, where will you be content?
Basic income issues.
Predestination vs. freewill.
Sex, oral, anal, love spanking. Where allowed? What is permitted in marriage?
Theory of sin.
Bible versions, preferences.
Music preferences.
Nature of music, purpose and intent.
Perfect temperature.
Perfect weather.
Perfect living area. (Mountains, beach, plains…)
Favorite books.
Nature of arguments.
How do you resolve disagreements?
Methods of birth control.
Computer operating systems.
Animal rights, animal protection.
Cooking, who, what, where, when, how.
Food preferences in general. (Mexican, seafood…)
Home-theatre vs. watching on a computer.
Smart house or do it yourself.
How much work should be done vs. how much should technology do?
Protection vs. privacy. (Cameras in teddy bears.)
Relatives, in laws, how much time you spend with them…
Holidays, are they spent with family?
Describe an ideal holiday.
Nature of money.
Buy toys or save?
If flustered do you need space or would you want to talk through it?
Memory theories.
What kind of memory do you have?
What will you do when my memory fades?
Past relationships.
Worst relationship ever, best relationship.
What issues are you not willing to negotiate on?
Life journey. (Emotionally, physically, spiritually…)
Virgin? Why?
Previous sexual experiences.
Former roommates.
Roman hands and Russian fingers.
Public displays of affection.
Salvation. Faith by works?
Is love an emotion?
What mistakes have you made, would you change them?
What bad experiences have you had, would you change them? What did you learn?
Do you observe or interact?
What do you do when you are angry?
Dying for glory and honor, good/bad?
Chivalry. (Original meaning)
Chivalry. (Modern meaning)
Should parents spank children, where you spanked as a child?
Dress and appearance. How do you want your spouse to dress?
Cleavage, yes/no/only at home.
Four building blocks of marriage. (Severance, permanence, unity, intimacy. Gen.2:24-25)
Idea of a perfect date.
Should married people still go on dates, even after kids?
Number and types of cars, situation dependent.
What things should be of high quality and what should be run of the mill?